Photonic integrATed circuiTs using advancEd hybRid iNtegration

PATTERN publications

Partners will disseminate results through publications and active participation to conferences and standardization working groups. Please note that a specific Zenodo community has been created to share open access publications.


Journal papers

J1. Christen, I., Sutula, M., Propson, T. et al. An Integrated Photonic Engine for Programmable Atomic Control. Submitted on Arxiv 13 Aug 2022;


Conference contributions

C1. I. Christen, T. Propson, A. Menssen, C. Panuski, A. Ghadimi, and D. Englund, “Scalable Multi-Channel Optical Waveform Generation with Lithium Niobate,” in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Technical Digest Series (Optica Publishing Group, 2022), paper STu4F.2.

C2. J. Leo, M. Hayati, F. E. Agri, Z. Haddad, G. Choong, Y. Petremand, I. Prieto, O. Dubochet, M. Despont, H. Sattari, and A. Ghadimi, “Wafer-scale fabrication of low-loss waveguides in lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI) integrated photonics platform,” in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2022, J. Leuthold, C. Harder, B. Offrein, and H. Limberger, eds., Technical Digest Series (Optica Publishing Group, 2022), paper Mo3F.4.;


Public Deliverables


PATTERN will also organise a series of events targeting different audiences, from scientific to industry to general public. We will promote each event once the exact dates and venues are defined, so please stay tuned (on this website and PATTERN’s LinkedIn page)