Photonic integrATed circuiTs using advancEd hybRid iNtegration


PATTERN addresses the challenges the PIC world faces in the next decade

In the next decade, the PIC industry will require a new generation of PICs that will deliver step-change improvements in terms of

  • High bandwidth
  • Large-scale integration
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide wavelength range operation
  • New functionalities

To meet these requirements, PATTERN will research innovative integration methods to combine the advantages of three different PIC platform materials (LNOI, InP and YIG) to produce hybrid chips.

The solutions envisaged in PATTERN will allow to

  • Increase the frequency for ultra-high-speed microwave PICs
  • Develop novel Building Blocks (BBs) for new functionalities
  • Advance magneto-optic (MO) isolators.