Photonic integrATed circuiTs using advancEd hybRid iNtegration

YIG Platform

Main Advantages

Magneto-optical insulation:

MO targeted performance

  • 30 dB optical insulation
  • Compact footprint
  • Wideband operation
  • On-chip integration
  • TE and TM mode operation

Integration and scalability

  • Passive operation
  • Direct growth of the magnetic material (substituted YIG)
  • Integrated magnetic field bias elements
  • Mach-Zehnder and ring-resonator design

Wide bandwidth operation design

  • Up to 10 nm bandwidth at 350 nm and 1450 nm
  • Low propagation losses < 1 dB /cm

Cost-effective approach

  • Minimise the number of process steps by co-integration
  • Increase compatibility and simplify the design of co-integrated process steps by reducing optical cross-talks

PATTERN will explore two different approaches to achieve magneto-optical insulation with TE-mode waveguides: