Photonic integrATed circuiTs using advancEd hybRid iNtegration

RF Coupling

From the packaging perspective, PATTERN partner PHIX has implemented and demonstrated RF packages with frequencies as high as 66 GHz. However, RF aspects of packaging at frequencies above 100 GHz are extremely challenging, with the RF wavelength at mm scale and high RF transmission losses. The conception of complex systems with several high‐speed modulators requires a lot of expertise in the design of RF lines and layout design on the chip.

To address these challenges, PATTERN will explore the most suitable type of RF connectors, the design of the gold box package and the routing of the RF signal from the connector to the chip. Several alternatives for design of the RF transmission lines and RF routing and impedance matching will be investigated and several RF connectivity avenues such as flip‐chip soldering or through substrate via connections will be simulated and measured.

A new housing will be developed in a modular approach. It will consist of various components that can be replaced to meet changing requirements. The housing will be able to accommodate two RF channels with RF connectors of choice (within limits), up to 12 DC connections per side (24 in total), and up to two optical ports (for fibre arrays or an optical window). For applications in which RF exceeds 100 GHz, the housing will be used in combination with two 1.0 mm W‐type RF connectors. As part of this modular approach, PHIX will test affordable semi-customised packages for frequencies above 66 GHz.


State-of-art RF and photonics packaged with upper frequency limit of ~60 GHz (PHIX)a